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We share the passion!

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Greetings, Middle Earth Lovers; because we SHARE the passion!

Middle Earth Lovers wishes all of our members and affiliates a


Arwen and Eldarion by annoulaki

Artwork: Arwen and Eldarion by annoulaki

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Flower Bullet (Purple) - F2U! New members - We have now 372 members!!! Let's give a warm welcome to our newest ones from April. They are: 

:iconthegirlfrompennylane: :iconartsgeek: :iconerzsebet-beast: :icondepplyloveu: :iconpushdug: :iconl-u-c-k-y-diamond: :iconpykyubi: :iconwolfdemongirl13: :iconssarawolf: :iconbashfulsoul: :icontofu0004: :iconeph-san1634: :iconliaseptum: :iconxxrawrexx:

Thank you for sharing with us the passion for Tolkien works.

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Flower Bullet (Orange) - F2U! Contributors - These are members that have been promoted as permanent contributors for their dedication in the group. Contributors are chosen randomly by the Founders. Let's give a warm welcome to our newest Contributor:



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Flower Bullet (Pink) - F2U! Affiliates
 - Our newest affiliate group is dedicated to Samwise Gamgee, the neglected hero and loyal friend. It is characters like him that give their unconditional support in the darkest hours to make things happen. Show your love to this group too and don't forget to award them llamas. They will appreciate it: 


If you have a group that is dedicated to the works of Tolkien, feel free to send us an affiliation request and we will add it to our group too.

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Flower Bullet (Blue) - F2U! Admin Choice of the Month  - This month, we have decided to pick three folders randomly, and pick three works from each. 

On this month's showcase, we have: 


   The Healer's Student-Fili X Reader-Chapter 1
Note: This is a wraparound story to my other Fili X Reader, “Battle Wound?” If you have not yet read that one, feel free to go check it out. I’ve been told it’s very good. :) (Smile) 


"Blast it all! Wrong house again!"

You internally cursed to yourself as you stood at the door of the wrong hobbit hole, talking to the wrong hobbit, for the third time that evening.
You managed to keep your frustration concealed with a smile as you politely apologized to the gentleman hobbit who had answered the door. You then asked him where you would find the hobbit you were looking for, the one known as Bilbo Baggins.
“He lives at Bag-End. About five houses up that way.” He pointed down the path. You thanked him and turned to leave. As you turned, he scowled at you and muttered something indistinct, but you didn’t bother to find out what it was, because honestly you didn&
  The World is Not in Your Books and Maps Chapter I
An Unexpected Road Trip: The World is Not in Your Books and Maps
Summary: Professor Bramble Baggins is happy teaching folklore and linguistics at Hobbiton University and has no need of adventures, thank you. When Gandalf arrives on her doorstep with a pack of Dwarves and a deal she can’t refuse, she rushes into one of the strangest road trips across America from her little university town of Hobbiton in Indiana, to the Last Homely House of the Cumberland Gap, and to the Misty Mountains of the Carolinas. Modern AU, Fem!Bilbo, and Bagginshield.
Chapter I: A Lecture on Dragons
Thorin Oakenshield did not entirely trust Gandalf, but he had researched Professor Baggins extensively enough that he felt somewhat comfortable asking her for help. She was working on her doctorate in Folklore with a thesis on Dwarf folktales and their connections with folktales of other cultures. The Hobbit had been working on her thesis for two years already since there was so little available
  An Adventure- Bilbo x Reader Chpt. 1There was a knock at the door of what was normally a quiet hobbit hole in the peaceful green Shire. Bilbo steeled himself for what might be on the other side seeing as his kitchen was already filled with thirteen dwarves and wizard who had arrived at his home in much the same manner. He did not expect what he found on the other side of the door in the slightest, his eyes going wide as they trailed over the newest arrival.
You stood only a few inches taller than him in a long very dark purple cloak that fell completely around your form to entirely conceal what lied beneath, your hair pulled back into a loose knot at the nape of your neck.
You offered him a small secretive grin, “I do hope they haven’t caused too much trouble for you Mr. Baggins, I find that dwarves easily forget their manners if they even had any to begin with.”
He was still sort of just staring at you but you didn’t seem to notice, pulling off your cloak to offer a small bow, “(F/n)(L/n) a
Comic Strips and Stills:

Hobbit Doodle: The Neglected Child by wolfanita Dain Ironfoot by OtisFrampton TGD #40: Keep calm and ERROR by PeckishOwl

Other ME Creatures:

Hobbits? Never heard of Hobbits before... by chillier17 Beorn by JMKilpatrick Aule The Maker by KarlLevy

Hope you agree with our monthly selection and don't forget to leave them comments and/or gift them llamas. They will appreciate it! Keep in mind that next could be you.

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Flower Bullet (Dark Green) - F2U! Llamas, llamas and more llamas!!! - Thanks to everybody that has awarded us llamas. We do not oppose to hoarding them, so if you feel moved to giving us more llamas, here is the link to make it easier: 

Whomever gives us llamas will receive llamas in return :) (Smile)

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Flower Bullet (Brown) - F2U! And last, but definitely not least, We wish to thank each one of you, our members, for making of this group a wonderful one! Keep prettying up our galleries with your wonderful artworks and blessed be!

-The Moderation team-
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**If you are facing problems with joining or submitting art, send me a note and I will fix it for you.**

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