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We share the passion!

Some music of the Tolkien Works

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Greetings, Middle Earth Lovers; because we SHARE the passion!

Heart A kind reminder to read the group rules prior to submitting artworks. For the benefit of all, they have been explained in detail on this journal entry: 
Special News Letter - Group Rules - IMPORTANT

Middle Earth Lovers wishes all of their members an advanced


Arwen and Aragorn by imorawetz

Artwork: Arwen and Aragorn by imorawetz 

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Heart New members - We have now 466 members!!! Let's give a warm welcome to our newest ones from January. They are: 

:iconcjlutje: :iconnicowanderer: :iconking-under-erebor: :iconirishm8: :iconwinterdamsel16: :iconnrcart: :iconartakh: :icongreencat85: :iconatriellme: :iconnl112003: :iconaadiss: :iconangelacross: :iconannamare: :iconjade-forest-2: :iconbarbarian-j: :iconmercurygin:

Thank you for sharing with us the passion for Tolkien works. 

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Heart Affiliates - Our new affiliated group is dedicated to the fans of Lee Pace on his character of King  Thranduil of Mirkwood. Let's give a warm welcome to this group and don't forget to award them llamas, they will appreciate it!


If you have a group that is dedicated to the works of Tolkien, feel free to send us an affiliation request and we will add it to our group too.

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Heart  Arrow left NEWS - NEWS - NEWS Arrow right - The dateline for the hobbit-fanbook project will soon come to an end. It is being organized on tumblr for the HobbitCon4 in 2016 continues to recruit artists. The idea is to give two of the actors from The Hobbit a copy of that fanbook as gifts.

Though there’s already a lot of authors and artists working together on that project, they still need a few more people to participate and help to finish the project. Fanarts as well as fanfictions are accepted. 

You can find the link to the masterpost here:… 

Also important info about the rules and slots were posted separately: 

We hope to see some of our members partaking of this project that promises to be good.

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Heart Admin Choice of the Month  - This month, the showcase goes to Kiliel and Artistic nudes! Our choices are: 


  Kili And Tauriel by Montjart It was real. by Eleynah Kiliel (Interlaced Chpt. 02) by Lady-Lobotomy

Artistic Nudes:

Mature Content

Thranduil ~ Sexy Red by RedPassion
   Willow twig by Aegileif Prince of Erebor Dreaming by Faerietopia

The monthly birthday feature is exclusive for crew members because they deserve it for donating their free time to make this group as AWESOME as it is. This month's goes to our Group founder, AKA :iconfaerietopia:, known for her heartfelt fan fictions and overall romance oriented works. Enjoy!
Son of Durin, Daughter of Gondor - Prologue
-Bree, Year 2941-
It was a rainy evening, when this cloaked figure, short and robust, splashed his boots on puddles of water, on his way to the Prancing Pony Tavern. Once in, the warmth of the place greeted his body. He lowered his hood, revealing a mane of long dark brown curls with a few silver strands. He had twin braids that hung from each side of his bearded face, with iron clamps to the end of each. His eyes, large and blue like a summer sky, had a long engraved sadness about them. His nose was long and pointy, projected forward, and his lips were a thin line framed by a thick mustache. Although his features were very pronounced, he was quite handsome for a dwarf. There was an air of royalty about him, but he wore no crown or circlet.
The place did not look very inviting, since its clients were people of all corners of Arda. Travelers of all kinds with appearances that were less than stellar. Some looked mysterious, some looked scary. It was a hos
  The Ballad of an Ent - One Shot
After the battle of Isengard, a giant tree-like creature sat by the ruins of the industrial tower gazing at the horizon, while his companions kept watch of the besieged treacherous Saruman and his assistant Grimma Wormtongue. His yellow eyes were full of memories and a deep longing that had been dormant until the day he met a pair of creatures, whose questions awakened that ache in his heart...
He remembered his slumber disturbed by the feeling of an unfamiliar creature climbing him up. He blinked twice, yellow eyes fixed on his tiny intruder, who gasped in terror and lost balance. Wouldn't it be for his hand of interlaced branches, the little one would have found his death from a high fall to the ground. Each of his steps provoked tremors on the ground as he stumped to move around. On his way, he realized there was three intruders. He squashed the one that smelled the most with his rooted foot and then swept his hand to grab the other. He stopped to glare upon his captives for a m
 Until then -Thorin Fan Art by Faerietopia An Elven Wedding - Elrond and Celebrian by Faerietopia Aroused By Starlight (Kiliel Fan Art) by Faerietopia 
I hope you all agree with our choices. Do not forget to comment on their artworks because next could be yours!

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Heart Llamas, llamas and more llamas!!! - Thanks to everybody that has awarded us llamas. We do not oppose to hoarding them, so if you feel moved to giving us more llamas, here is the link to make it easier: 

Whomever gives us llamas will receive llamas in return :) (Smile)

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Heart Live Chat Room - A reminder that we now count with this option to hold discussions, or simply share with other members. You need to be a group member to partake of live sessions. Group rules of common sense apply. If you cannot access it for any reason, let us know and we will make it happen.

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Heart And last, but definitely not least, We wish to thank each one of you, our members, for making of this group a wonderful one! Keep prettying up our galleries with your wonderful artworks and blessed be!

-The Moderation team-
More Journal Entries

Rules and Guidelines

**If you are facing problems with joining or submitting art, send me a note and I will fix it for you.**

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